This Is -

A radio program that  provides information and tips to help listeners protect themselves, their homes, communities, and workplaces from security threats, including digital danger in Cyberspace.   No "geek-speak" allowed on these airwaves!   Only straightforward, lively discussion about timely topics intended to enhance security, safety, and privacy.

We Discuss -

A variety of timely and engaging  topics including: Critical Infrastructure Protection - The Internet of Things (Smart Homes, Smart Vehicles, Medical Devices) - Ransomware, Cryptocurrency and the Dark Web - Phishing, Malware and Social Media Safety - Frauds and Scams That Target Seniors - Simplifying Cybersecurity -  National Security - Violent Extremism and Counterterrorism.

Our Guests -

Span the spectrum of industries, academia, and the public sector, and are experts in their fields.  They are business owners, security specialists, legislators, administrators, researchers, educators, and technical professionals.  Although they come from varied backgrounds, what brings them to our forum is their willingness to share their expertise with our listeners.

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