Be Recognized for Supporting Practical Security on Radio

You or your organization can be part of our mission to help safeguard the nation by empowering individuals to take charge of their security, safety, and privacy, including digital security through meaningful education, awareness, and collaboration.   We believe our efforts help increase individual knowledge of security threats and corresponding protection and mitigation measures in straightforward, meaningful manner resulting in safer communities and by extension a safer nation.

Our listeners appreciate that while federal, state, and local government agencies and some private sector organizations have a measure of  responsibility to protect the country, we as individuals must also take some responsibility for protecting our own economic, national, and digital security.    Practical Security on Radio provides knowledge and resources helpful to achieving those goals.

As a program sponsor, you or your organization will be recognized for your commitment to independent programming relating to critical issues in national security.   This includes, but is not limited to, acknowledgements during the Practical Security broadcast and throughout the week on the station.

Sponsorship is an effective way to introduce more people to sponsors' events and programs and help build brand recognition.


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